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Popular posts from this blog


December in Amsterdam!

Travel in December has become a tradition for us a few years ago. Despite the cold and the rain, the magic of the holiday season makes traveling special and turns all cities even more beautiful. In Portugal, December 1st and 8th are holidays, so we always travel on these dates. For this year (2017) we chose Amsterdam , a city that was already in our bucket list for some time. Before describing all the wonders of this city I have to admit that I was a bit discouraged by the lack of Christmas atmosphere I encountered. In recent years, at this time, I have traveled through Germany, France and Belgium and it was WONDERFUL!

Quick Stop in Singapore

I took advantage of a long stopover on my return trip from Bali to visit Singapore . As soon as I arrived I realized that Singapore is a clean, modern, safe city, where the rules are strictly respected. It was funny for me, because I was coming from Bali, which although wonderful, has a lot of pollution and a chaotic traffic. But about Bali I will speak in another post. Singapore Landscape (view from Marina Bay Sands Hotel)

Lovely Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans I couldn't leave Netherlands without visiting the famous windmills of Zaanse Schans , so close to Amsterdam . This lovely place is one of the main tourist attractions in the country and in Amsterdam it's possible to find several tours for sale, but it is very easy to visit this historic village without these tours.

Berlin, let it snow!

I flew from Porto to Berlin -Sch├Ânefeld airport and as soon as I left the airport there was SNOW waiting for me, which added even more excitement and beauty to this trip. Tiergarten